How to make redemption:

Click on "Request coupon code"

on the HKTDC eDM


Steps for obtaining coupon code:

1. Fill in contact details
2. Click on the "Validation Code" box
3. Click "Submit" to obtain the Offer Redemption Coupon once the above content was filled and confirmed

Get Promotion code via email

Go through the design and address selection process on DMDIY platform

Enter Promotion code in the "Request Approval" section before "Submit to approval"

  • The discount rate will be displayed after the promotion code was entered

  • NOTE: Only one coded discount code can be applied per order completed to the registered DMDIY account.


Terms and Conditions of the Promotion Offer:

1. The quantity of free bonus circular mail items shown in the table above is required to be posted in the same batch. If a sender chooses the lowest tier of posting quantity, then he/she should include at least 6 000 targeted addresses with 1 000 targeting centralised letter boxes in general areas when submitting the application for approval, and 1 000 of which will be posted free of charge. If the total posting quantity selected is below 6 000, e.g. 5 500 items instead, then only 500 items targeting centralised letter boxes can be posted free of charge.

2. The free bonus circular mail posting offer only applies to centralized letter boxes in general areas, excluding door-to-door delivery in general areas, and outlying islands and remote areas. The total posting quantity mentioned in item 1 above covers all delivery modes.

3. This offer only applies to posting of circular items of identical weight, size and content, excluding irregular-shape circular items.

4. This offer applies to both standard and premium services.

5. Each company is entitled to redeem the offer once.

6. Offer valid till 30 June 2021

7. This offer is not redeemable for cash, and cannot be used together with other offer.