Direct mail production process


  • Please cross check and confirm the DM content is ready to submit for HKpost approval . Once the DM was approved by HKPost, all the content and addresses can’t be changed and updated. Need to create a new order / project for the updates.
  • Once the DM was paid. The order can’t be refunded for any reason. Please double check and confirm the content before making the payment.
  • The digital proof file is to confirm the printer is using the correct file for output, not for the client to proofread the content. Once the DM was approved by the HKPost Office, all content can’t be changed.
  • Our DMDIY System doesn’t support users to schedule the distribution day, the normal lead time for less than 10K unaddressed DMs printing is around 3 to 4 working days. The addressed DMs need more days for the letter shop process. Subject to the quantity.
  • Addressed DM will be distributed to client provided mailing addresses. Our DMDIY service does not include checking of addresses. Please ensure the quality of the addresses are good for delivery.
  • All paid services and DM circulars must be completed within 30 days (including typesetting, printing and posting).

Price details



Direct Mail

Service fee


DM Template and administration charge

Designed template* $780up
Blank Template HK$265

* The charges of Designed Template varies depending on the complexity and number of stock photos.

Leaflet Printing Charge

  • A4/A5 Regular Art Paper with Normal Ink
  • A4/A5 Recycled Art Paper with Soy Ink

  • A5 Postcard regular art card of 260 gsm with Normal Ink

  • A5 Postcard recycled art card of 220 gsm with Soy Ink

Hong Kong Post Circular Service fee

  • Unaddressed DM
  • Addressed DM

Total summary for DM production

  • DM Template and administration charge
  • Leaflet Printing Charge
  • Hong Kong Post Circular Service fee

Quick start Guide


Please select the DM type you need

Direct mail (Unaddressed)

Use simple search functions (such as keywords or regions) to determine the number of correspondence required in the target region.

Direct mail (Addressed)

Addressed DM will be distributed to client provided mailing addresses.